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Paintball    by Supervivo

Camp Eastwood

Supervivo is the oldest and first paintball company in Västra Nyland, set in Tvärminne near Hanko... We rent out paintguns with necessary equipment to people who are looking for a fun and alternative way to spend their time (for bachelor parties, team building events, birthday parties, associations, companies, exercising… etc). If interest is enough we will be organizing Paintball tournaments, walk on and scenario games in the future for anyone interested and able to form a team of at least 5 persons. No experience is really necessary. For more information please contact us.
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Rental package: 30€/24h

Every rental package includes a semi automatic marker, a facial protection mask, a loader and 200 paintballs, and a 20 oz bottle of Co2. You also get two flags, armbands and instructions for different games to play. We also rent camouflage overalls for an additional charge of 5€ each. Additional paintballs can be bought for 15€/500 balls. Everyone renting their guns from us can use our courts for no extra charge. A charge of 25€ is added if you wish all the equipment to be delivered straight to the courts We would be grateful for you to book at least four days in advance, to give us time to make all the necessary preparations. If you cancel your game 1 week or less from the booked date after you have confirmed your booking day, there will be a booking fee of 5€ per each player, last minute cancellations are charged 50% to cover some of the preparation costs and loss of potential bookings for the day.


For obvious safety reasons, we don’t rent out paintguns to people under 18, but 16-year-olds can use the court with written permission from their parents and under adult supervision. Our safety record up to now is totally clean and that’s the way we want to keep it.